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I want to sleep and never wake up

I am writing this for second time in this site.. i know this is the best place to cry for ..because i have not any tears left to cry..I am devasted tired but none to tell ..none to complain .i don't want people to know that i am a crybaby..But trust me i have tried everything to be just happy for one day just once..but i failed miserably.

I dont know what to feel ..I am losing all reasons to be alive. I am devasted in my carrier my everything..

I am eventually losing everything i am getting attached..Nobody will know what is bothering me..Nobody will know what is killing me inside..

I just want this post to be disapper in this ocean of sorrows..

I just want to sleep and never wake up ..

What do you expect when you are having nightmare in your real life..

I dont want to say anything to anyone..Sometimes it hurts when you trying just be happy ..Buy circumstances your destiny never want you to be so..

I don't know what kind of karma i am getting everyday..

Everyday is like a nightmare to me..

Nothing is fun anymore..Nothing is giving me hope that it would be better..

I know nobody's gonna read it ..

Still i am writing this cause it helps my heart to breathe a. Lil bit..

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5 months ago

Re: I want to sleep and never wake up

You feel alone. Read all these other posts. Notice how so many others feel like you? For every person whose post you read there’s a million people who feel exactly the same but didn’t post. Notice how people like me sometimes answer people like you. That’s cause we feel like you too. We have just found a way to accept & deal with it.

For me it was a therapist & meds. The meds help balance out the chemical imbalance my brain is making that makes me feel depressed. The therapist helps me figure out how I got this way & how to accept & deal with the issues.

I find ways to push it all down. Comedies; I dance & sing with fun songs. I have blinking Christmas lights over my bed to watch as I fall asleep. I watch Christmas Vacation every night as I fall asleep. Volume low. I’ve watched it 1,000’s of times which is the point. I know what’s coming. I drift off to sleep. I have a few other old shows I sometimes use.

I just prayed for you. I love you. Jesus loves you.

God Bless