I want to tell my mom this but i'm just gonna give her more stress..

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Im just 12 and i still can't get a job yet, even if i do get a job like taking online surveys or and selling stickers, my parents won't allow me to buy some stuffs to make stickers and also i can't find any online surveys while not getting kick off of it because im only 12. But first of all why do i want to drop out? .. It's because school is stressing me out so much and also the pressure of my family telling me to answer this module blablablabla then also my dad who often drinks and when he's drunk he'll get mad and shout at us, and also the constant bullying of my sister to me like when i just hit her once to get back for hitting me twice she'll hit me harder and more again and i hate it so much because im so skinny and weak so it's easy for me to get bruises and besides she's guilt-tripping me and manipulates us so she'll hit me when she know that i know what she's trying to do. Because of these i started to self harm when i told myself i won't end up like this ever... Then now look at me, my eldest sister even point out the cuts in my thighs when we were exercising and so i cried because i thought she'd have an idea on it and tell mom but she didn't and so i cut again because i felt stupid. I just really can't take all of these anymore. But then again it wouldn't be so easy like how i think it would be. If i just have the chance to overdose on pills i will take it so that it will be much easier than stabbing myself with a knife.