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I want to wright sex storys how is this ?

I want to tie your littel petite ass down and watch you try to scream free whilst I spank your ass becuse your not listening to daddy so i blind fold and reduce your hearing so you don't know when you're going to get spanked then i lean over you small pretty body and kiss your pritty lips and kis your cheek and work my way down your neck and softly bite your neck then i kiss all my way down to your boobs while your body starts to feal amazing and your breathing is getting shorter and sharper and you start to mone a little bit but i work my way to your nippels i lightly lick and suck on them for a bit while you start to mone moore and more and i work my way down your belly then i just kiss the top of your pussy bearly getting your clit for a few minets then i start to lick your pussy and clit and you are dripping wet at this point i slowly luck you clit until you start to cum at this point you being a good girl doing what daddy says so i come back up and i tie your hands behind youe back and i tell you to open your moth and i shove my big dick down your throat and your start to suck like your life depends on it you suck light and slopy when you have a breather you beg me to put it in your pussy because it akes to be fucked so I turn you around and bend you over and fuck your tight little pussy i fuck you so good you cum 10 times each time it gest better for you and you pass out from cumming so much so after you come too I kiss you and say who is a good littel girl and you say i am daddy

Sorry if you think im a weirdo for this

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Re: I want to wright sex storys how is this ?

I didn’t read it. All I know is that if you really want to write good stories, have better grammar. I couldn’t even read the first line without cringing. Bad spelling errors and mistakes make any story look unprofessional and just not a good read.

I don’t mean to be rude but seriously...someone had to say it.

Literotica. May I make a suggestion. I was mollested & raped my whole life. No one wants to be tied up for sex unless they are damaged. Granted we are all damaged. Wild passionate sex is fun. But sex when you love each other is incredible every time. It’s like your souls join. So write one of two types of stories.

One. Females choose to flash people. Yes I’ve been flashed many times. I look like a movie star so females go Gaga over me. Then slowly build up to some basic sex. The build up is the key.

Two. Write about sex between two people in love. Most women want a man who will love them, & want only them.

The shades of grey is not what any decent woman wants. If you have to tie a woman up for sex your no better than the person mollestimg me at age 4.

Thjs is a reply to my reply I know im bad at spelling but I am working on it i never went to school my family home schooled me and never realy tried i dont mind the criticism it gives me curedge to get better

Thanks you kind stranger this is a reply to my reply