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i was groomed 3 times

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hi, im a 12 year old girl from east asia.

ive been groomed 3 times online on discord.

the first was in 2020 of march-june and i sent him nudes everyday. he was 18 and i was 10. he knew my age, and only dated me because i was “like a loli” and very hot to him. *he liked the fact i had a flat chest and a small figure and i was east asian*

the second was in 2020 of june-july, this guy had a huge kink for asians and when i sent him my selfie he couldnt help himself and said i was so cute and he wanted to kiss my cheek and fuck me. i was 11

the third was in october to november, this guy had several esex with me on call and forced me to send him pictures of me.. he lied that he was 15 and he was actually 30….

i had a huge mental breakdown and i have ptsd *diagnosed*. I dont know what to do anymore.

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