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I was kidnapped as a child by my mother, HELD HOSTAGE FOR 7.5 YEARS

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My mother kidnapped me from my Dad and held me hostage from him for 7 and a half years because she was mad he had a disease he wouldn't go to a doctor for. I wish he would have gone to a doctor also but it is not his fault as the disease (alcoholism) is resistant to treatment. My mother kidnapped me to get him back and to get revenge on her own father, my maternal grandfather, who had the same disease and she nursed grudges towards. My mother ruined my life and now my Dad's family doesn't even know me that well because of her. Last weekend was so painful, my cousin who only knows me via Facebook, got married and I was the only cousin along with my sister not asked. It was not his fault for he has only met me once. It was my Mom's fault for holding me back all those years from my Dad and thus I never had holidays or other family celebrations with his family. Instead, I stayed home and listened to my Mom, my maternal grandmother, and my aunt Joan all gossip. I NEVER KNEW A MAN aside from myself. That is why I am transgender now and have no hope of happiness. My mother committed Parental Alienation Syndrome and I am trans because of it and have no happiness in life as a 29 year old trans man.

My mother ruined my life and to that I to will become an alcoholic one day like my Dad who died of Liver Cancer two years ago.

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