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I was molested

I was molested a week ago by my step-sisters boyfriend, he's 30 I'm 14 (male, 6'0 tall and 82 kg) (just for visualizers). I was asleep in my bed, my family threw a party. It was 5 am and he was drunk, I woke up to him being on top of me, touching me and talking badly. I threw him off me and ran to my parents room, he said nothing happened and that he thought it was his girlfriend. My family let it roll off their backs, but I cant even touch a male without feeling anxious.

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Re: I was molested

I'm sorry to hear that. Some people might shrug it off, as they don't think anything serious happened. But it is a serious problem and as messed up as it might be, it is up to you to expose him.... or atleast to try. It is traumatizing and I haven't experienced it myself so im not trying to sympathize or anything, problem is, the molester needs to be stopped... or else he'll do it again and again...if it is you or another child, doesn't matter. He is lowlife scum and deserves to be in jail, please try to expose him.