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I was molested

I was stuck at my aunt house because of lockdown, she have two son and the eldest is of my age, we are first cousins, when i was in deep sleep he sexually harrassed me, his hands were in my bra and inside of my pants when i woke up. I was paralyzed by fear. To this day i think that im losing myself everyday is hard, i don't feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to erase that night.

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Re: I was molested

I want to share my thoughts again, it's the middle of the night I'm trying to sleep but i feel disgusted . I m feeling like there are hands which are groping my body and all i want to puke. I can't sleep peacefully because it's feels like someone is still touching my body, most of the time i go to bathroom and scrub myself so that i can get rid of that feeling. I don't think I can be normal again.

Sorry for what you are going through.

But you must inform about this to your parents don’t let this happen again .

You have a voice !!

You please don’t feel bad it’s not you who did something wrong

But right now you please inform about this to your parents

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