I was outted to my mum by my brother

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So around april 4th my brother had eavesdropped on my friend's and i conversation about how fuckin terrified i was to be potentially coming out to my family cause i think theyre lowkey homophobes and my brother presumably told my mum im bi while they both drove home from his workshift 😃😃😃😃. I just fuckin remember how they came home and i heard them yelling at the front door and thinking lmao what tf is it this time- and my mum bursts in the room and is like "what the fuck is this talk about you being bi" and im like oh shit what 😃😃😃😃😃😃. Long story short my mum is accepting and is like yeah women are attracted too and my brother is like yeah okay were going to have to accept you anyways and i shouldve probably confronted you first and discussed it with you instead of invading your privacy, traumatizing you, destroying my self esteem and allowing you to come out on your own time when youre comfortable. But if yall were okay with it- THEN WHY DID YOU MOTHERFUCKERS MAKE IT SUCH A BIG DEAL???? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU TRAUMATIZED ME. SURE I CARE AND LOVE YOU CAUSE YOURE MY FAMILY AND STUFF BUT I WILL NEVER TRUST YOU EVER AGAIN FUCKIN HELL IM about to kill myself. Anyways thanks for listening byeee 😈😈