I wish

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I wish these doubts would stop. I wish my faith was not so fragile, so full of doubts even though it's the truth. I have all the proofs to prove it is the truth. That one time when I felt like I was alone and hopeless, I came across the words 'God knows what is inside of you'. It was awesome. I cried so much that day, tears flowing like a river, beacuse that day I was sure God was there and I was in safe hands. The next morning, the doubts came back, with more force, again that night I read the words of God, I was content. Next morning, same. Same cycle over n over. Sometimes I am tired, because I fall everytime I stand up, but I know I have to keep doing this, because that's what struggle is, n when you don't struggle, how can u expect anything good to come your way.