I wish a MF would make me cry ever in Life.

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I remember those days when I used to give af. I remember when I cared about friends and being likable and I actually cried over a few sorry bastards. I remember when I thought friends were sincere. I remember when I thought my cousins were sincere too.


Ladies if this applies to you, while you are crying hes sitting somewhere scratching his ass watching a damn sports show with a Ninja Turtle looking bitch sitting next to him. Your so called friends get your business long enough to discuss it with the other fake ass friends and then get more and repeat the shit because their life is fucked up so it makes them feel better lol. They wake up mad everyday because they think getting dicked down equates happiness instead of loving themselves so they stay in a shitty relationship lol. As for family you have to watch them too....have you ever told them about something you bought or shared your good news and their facial expression changed? You ignored it but all the smirky looks finally came to you when you decided to cut those bitches off and you knew you made a great decision lol. Im not going to your funeral either bitches Im that done. My mamas family is so fucking ratchet and messy and jealous and from the time I was a little girl there was always a scandal i our family. The bitches are ridiculous and they feel being family gives them a reason and pass to treat you like shit and to be abusive to not only each other but me too. They will help you and talk about you before you leave their doorstep. Then theyll say "if you need help let me know" and then talk about you lol. You know wtf I did, I cut those dysfunctional bitches off. Family ties does not give you a pass to keep up with my life and stir up shit....gossiping ass bitches.


People are shit and my Idgaf ticker is on from here on out. I was nice, caring, lovable and mfs ran with it. So now your stuck with the Bitch you made and I wish I would cry or be sad over any of you MFS lol 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️