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i wish you would've told me why you left. it was like you were Oliver from Everything Sucks. probably said something to one person but to nobody else. i wish i could have at least 5 more minutes with you. just 5 minutes. i know those 5 minutes would go by as fast as it would when i was doing a multiplication test. if i saw you again it would probably be like one of those tests. getting every problem but not having enough time. telling you everything i would want to tell you but forgetting about the last problem. forgetting about the most important thing i was gonna tell you. every time i drove past our spot, i would remember the things we used to do. the things we would talk about. i don't know what we were. we were definitely not a couple but not just friends. close friends maybe. or platonic soulmates. i was so happy when we would talk. i managed to get from staying in bed and just crying everyday to getting up and always being excited but then back to my old self. you didn't say anything when you left. after you left, i realized that i barely knew anything about you. maybe just a few things. you grew up in idaho but when we met, you just recently moved to california. you were 23 and wanted to be a dentist. we both hated banana flavored candy. you used to have a girlfriend. but you two couldn't be together because she was just crazy. she had the same name as me. but that's all i knew about you. that's all. i would've asked you questions but J hated me asking questions. J said it was annoying and that i asked to many questions. but you weren't J. you were K. you were different. you were so much better. you cared more about me than J did. just 5 minutes. i need 5 minutes. please