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I wish I died.

The other day I was almost in a car accident. My friend was driving and we almost hit another car. I imagined in my head how we hit the car but it never happend. I wish it did then I could be free from all the pain,all the sadness, all the regret. To get rid of this empty feeling everyday. Then I wouldn't have to lie all the time that I'm okay. I know it would hurt my family but I have so much hurt inside of me. Why couldn't I just died.

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Re: I wish I died.

First I need you to tell yourself you’ll be okay, I used to be suicidal too but I got through it and so can you. Different things work for different people,

have you tried therapy?

If that doesn’t work try something like online gaming if you’re into that, it helped me because it gave me a break from reality and I could just talk to strangers and make friends even though I’ve never known them irl and I don’t even know their real names.

If that doesn’t work make a list of what you like about yourself, things about your personality, or the little things about your looks and such.

I know life feels really difficult and you feel like you can’t get through this but you can, I may not know you personally but I believe in you and I’m rooting for you

If it was your time God would have already taken you. I also have had the same exact feelings, but after years of being patient things had gotten better and I’m am a lot happier with my life at the moment. I also find it better to express yourself, if not to your family then ask for a therapist. I know it may sound wack but it will really help you. Please trust me. When I had asked my parents, it was I major milestone and they started to understand me at least a little bit more.

I hope things become better for you❤️

I try to tell myself I'll be okay and then I talk to my friend but then a few days later I just get that feeling again.

I haven't talked to a therapist yet because my parents don't know that I feel this way. They won't understand.

I mean I have no right to feel this way I've been through shit but I have a mom and dad and a few friends like there are people who have it way worse I just feel selfish and stupid for feeling this way but I can't help it. I just feel empty and it just feels like there is no point in life anymore. I just want my pain to end and this empty feeling.