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i wish i was a boy.

why? im a elder girl in my joint indian family, here a girl has to do every household work, without uttering a word regardless of how she has been treated or her own emotions. yeah im happened to be in a happy family where the case isn't this worse, but sometimes i feel it is almost the same. no gender equality here. a female is the person people don't think of . a male ego literally kills a woman's dreams and every wish she wishes to be happen. my brother is going to marry a girl who nearly ages a month younger than me. her parents are of old thoughts, they think if we give freedom to females they will probably run away with some guy and make us feel ashamed of having her. as soon as a girl turns 18 she ,even im a showpiece at every other family function. im really thankful to god that he didn't gave me these kind of conservative parents who don't even listen to their daughters once before making her marry to someone she doesn't even know.

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Re: i wish i was a boy.

This is horrible. Planning someone elses life like that shouldnt take place. Even if you indeed run away with some guy as you said it it should still be your decision.

Sadly I am not sure if there is anything helpful i could say.