I wish I was adopted

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I just feel like I can't do anything right anymore. My mom just yelled at me for no reason, I just didn't want to watch a stupid old movie with her. She yelled at me and then at my dad. My dad wouldn't drop it and so they got in a fight, and like, that's my fault right. Then my dad came in to try and make me feel better, and I was crying, and so for some stupid reason he told my mom and she got mad at me for crying because she thought she was in the wrong, don't ask why, she's an idiot pick me girl who always thinks shes right. Anyway my dad came back in and wouldn't leave me alone even though I obviously wanted to be alone, and then got mad at me for wanting to be alone. He then got mad at me for not hugging him (I hate physical contact it makes me feel extremely uncomfortable) and slammed the door in my face which made me feel just a million times better, and then when I tried to just sit down and relax, he came in and kept annoying me, and wouldn't leave me alone even though I was crying. Why couldn't I have been adopted by J. Michael Tatum and Brandon Micinnis. Also, I'm suicidal, but they don't know that, and they definitely don't know that its because of them, and so I started cutting myself after that, and now I feel really weak. My dad is now making me get in the shower. Lovely. I wanna die, but this made me feel a little bit better, thanks :)