I Wish I Was Mega Rich!

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I wish I was rich. Not ordinary rich but mega super duper extremely rich beyond my wildest dreams. Because that would solve so many of my problems right now. You see, I am 35 years old and I've achieved nothing noteworthy. I do have a bachelor's and masters degree but no work experience worth speaking about which makes it super hard to get a job. It's times like these I wish I lived in a firstworld country so I could temp or something. Don't get me wrong- it's not all doom and gloom. I have wonderful family around me-granted, my own mother and siblings are not my biggest fans at the moment. That's because right now we're in court over my father's estate. You see, my estranged father (who I reconciled with before his passing) passed away and they swooped right in wanting to take everything he left behind and left me out of the process. But I found out eventually and got involved- I want my share too! So yes, I have a loving family in the form of my aunt, uncle and cousins though they have their shortcomings too as do I. Honestly, it's not all rosy but it's much better than being on the streets. Right now the housekeeper who happens to be my aunt's friend usually talks badly to me when others aren't hearing but talks nicely when others are around. She talks negatively of my aunt's family and speaks so nicely to them when they're around. So she pissed me off today about something so that's why I wish I was mega mega mega rich. Why? Because I would have my own home located on acres of very fertile land where I could grow my own food and never ever have to see another human being for as long as I live! I would live off-grid for the rest of my years and never have to work again! Right now, it seems I gotta go back to school and get that PhD..... Maybe then my employment prospects will improve. Because it's hard enough looking for work in this part of the world. My life has been a long journey of tough experiences tempered with good moments. I thank God for those good moments because they've kept me sane. Right now though, it feels as though my aunt and her family are getting tired of me-I can see it in their nonverbals. Courtesy and kindness go a long way in making someone feel at home so when these start to dwindle, you start to realize that you'll soon not be welcome anymore. Please God show me where to go next for my eyes can only see today.