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I wish I wish

I wish you knew that it's because I can't get you out of my head that i can't see myself with anyone else now.i subconsciously compare every guy I meet to you.that he's not you.that he's not as comfortable and easy as you.that he doesn't get me like you do.and it makes me crazy that I can't tell you all of this because it might ruin our friendship.i keep imagining our future together.two best friends falling in love and getting together would be so cute.i want to hug you when I see you next time.i want to lay my head on your chest and breath in your manly perfume mixed with the smell of cigarette.i can't believe I'm saying this when I was the one who always hated it when you smoked and scolded you for it.i loved how you smelled my Gucci perfumed and told me you like it.how when I rest on your chest you smell my hair.how amazing it would be to have sex with you since we both look hot together