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I wish there was air around my body. I wish there was mirror in front of my soul.

There are green plants all around the room where I sit. And I think about the interconnection between them. The space is the only and main connection of all species. But as you feel you are in the corner the walls of the space become narrower. The light becomes darker and you feel slowly disappearing in the shadow of others standing tall. People are loud, interesting, beautiful, kind, extraordinary, truthful, faithful, patient. We are all that. To some extent at least. But I don't believe that I am that. I asked so many times to change and tried so many masks on. And every each one was uglier then previous. Now, I lost the mirror and senses of my face. I can't feel whether my skin is hidden under the layer now or how many of them I have on me now. Сalluses are all I feel. They are not healing and I lost the way to trace back all the masks I ve worn.