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I wish you loved me

I really love you dear, I know you don't care. I know that I don't matter to you and I know you have all the rights to select whom to love and whom not to. But I just wish I was enough for you, yes I know I'd be enough for someone, but I wish that someone was you. I sleep everyday hugging you in my imagination and kissing my pillow wishing it was your forehead. I wake up tired and disappointed with my heart aching realizing your head is not there for me to run my fingers through hairs on it. I again kiss your forehead in my imagination, hold my right hand with my left, wishing one was yours.

I really love the way you're nice to me when I call, but I want you to call me sometimes, ask me how my day was, tell me you did miss me. I miss you so much even if I'm busy whole day, I wait for the time when I can see your photo and hug it. I really miss you so much and love you from the bottom of my heart dear, and I wish I was telling you this, with ours eyes locked into each other as you blush and .....oh god..... I'd give everything to listen that you love me back.

I know maybe we are not meant to be together... God, if you're listening, please let us :'(...., I promise I will do everything to keep your favorite child happy, I know what it is like to work for 24 hrs, and I promise I'll if I have to for her happiness, but please let her be with me...pleeeaseee god pleaseee...._/\_ :'(.