"I Wish You Were Sober"

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So I kind of drunkenly confessed to a friend that I like him. I don't remember half of what I said but I do remember telling him I almost fell for him but stopped myself because we were friends. And I kept repeating that we were just friends. I don't remember what he said exactly. But according to my friends who were also drunk but managed to listen in on bits and pieces of the convo, I got rejected. Strangely though, I am not surprised because I expected this outcome. I have this other friend that I liked for a long time before and now we're still really good friends and just laugh about that one-sided crush. I was thinking this is what would happen with this new guy, so I did not expect old-crush-now-good-friend to tell me: "You shouldn't have brought up your ex. That's why you got rejected." I DON'T REMEMBER HALF OF WHAT TRANSPIRED - WHY WAS I TALKING ABOUT MY EX??? Apparently, I confessed like this - "I like you but I like my ex more." We both acted pretty normally the morning after but then I see him tweeting Conan Gray's Wish You Were Sober captioning the lyrics 'Real sweet, but I wish you were sober.' Since I wanted to talk to him about what happened and reconstruct that convo, I retweeted it and captioned 'Yeah I wish I was too'. Now I don't get anything from him. No chats, no mentions, no tags - when he used to bother me every single day (part of thr reason why I liked him). What do I do???