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i witnessed transphobia in class today

In class today (college) we were taking a survey and litterally all of the class started laughing at the trans questions and making fun of nonbinary and genderqueer people (im gender queer) i was so mad. i wanted to scream. this girl was saying wrong facts about trans people and i corrected her. im so angry and hurt. im not sorry for myself im sorry for all of trans people. it made me furious. i started to hypervintalate and it was horrible. im so so so mad and i wanna fight all of the students who said that. i respect peoples beliefs but when you belittle someone that is wrong.

sorry im bad a spelling.

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Re: i witnessed transphobia in class today

I love you. The first time I stood up for s gay person was in high school. Stood between a high school kid & 3 large men. In college I literally fought to save a gay man being bashed. Fought 2 guys. I’ve raised my kids to be tolerant. Two have stood up for gays. A gay child comes to our house often. An orphan he had no friends. My son is the top athlete. Now the boy is friends with the schools best athletes. My daughter was called by an outed girl. Her dad had gone to jail. Her family had been ran out of school & Church. My daughter accepted her. Turns out the girl was suicidal. My daughter is her only friend.

You are right. The world is harsh. But there are those who stand for you. I write to politicians on your behalf. I call out preachers.

I kid you not. I was in s hospital still hoping for a transplant. A girl dressed as s boy waited on a single use girls room. A very large man in his 30’s started yelling at her. Tried to walk towards her. He got me instead. I told her go find your parents sweetie. Then I yelled at him. Turns out even old Thor was more than he was ready to try.

But here’s the thing. My daughter tried to protect s different gay girl in her school. Ended up in endless fights with gang bangers the gov busses into our schools. Gays are really hated by gang bangers it seems. This started rumors she was gay. Ended up in fights with older boys. I had to home school her.

Here’s what I’d do. They sell micro recorders; & of course your phone. Record & store it at home. Date & time each incident in a diary. Write down names of people in your diary. Once you have some proof you decide if it’s worth telling the teacher or dean. I’ll warn you it will just lead to heart ache. So don’t. But if you end up attacked you have proof when multiple people all lie & day you started it. When the teacher acts like they never saw anything.

Violence would just get you expelled. Never throw the first punch.

God Bless