i wonder.....

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i dont really know why im writing on here i guess becasue i want an escape from my life i want something that is only mine that nobody can take away that also nobody but me knows about. right now my life isnt bad i have a family a roof over my head whats not to love but sometimes it feels like im drowning and i dont know what to do, i feel like maybe I'm just to borning and ordinary for anyone to care. everyone i know has their life figured out what they want to do their purpose in this world why they are here but me..... i dotn know why im here. i have nothing speacial about me and i feel its to late to find something im not talented enough for anyone to recognize me in anything i dont have an undenying passion i dont have people falling at my feet wanting to be with me not even one so i wonder why am i here is it just to take up space am i suppose to be the person everyone looks at and goes "at least im not as bad as them" is that my purpose i just wish i knew anything really who i was what im menat to be becasue sometimes when i fell im getting close i block it out becasue it scares me i just wish i had somehting interesting about me becasue honestly if i was gone not alot would change because of how small an impact i have on this world

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