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I worked for a pedophile

This one is going to be a longer story.

So, I'm a girl, and I've always been really interested in photography. My parents and all members of my family knew that so my mom decided to go visit local photographer's store and ask him if he would take me ''under his wing'', educate me more about photography and stuff, so that I could actually get a summer job. I have to mention that this man was married, and his wife was my dad's friend daughter. Also, he was like 38. My mom went to the store. He told my mom that he is not interested in working with me since I wasn't 18 at the time, but that I should come and visit the store so that he could talk to me personally. I went there without any expectations, since he already told my mom that he is not interested.

We started talking about the job and trust me, from the moment I've entered the store, he just looked really interested in working with me. At the end of our conversation, he told me that he is impressed how mature I am for my age (17 at the time) and that he looks forward to working with me. Long story short - I got the job. He gave me a visit card with his number on it, and told me to message him on Viber so that we could discuss when will I start working and stuff like that. And I did. We discussed that, but then I noticed that he just doesn't wanna end the conversation. He just continued texting, and it ended up him texting me the whole day (''about work''). I didn't think much about it then, because I thought it was better for me if I have a friendly relationship with my boss. I was so happy that I got the job, since being a photographer is my dream. He ended up telling me ''Feel free to send me a pic anytime ;)''. I took that seriously and every time a took a nice photo, I sent it to him. He always complimented my work, but would always text me something like ''Photo is amazing, you're learning fast, but I would like some selfie from you too.'' I ignored that. I was a fckin kid compared to him. But the messages started getting worse, and really creepy. They started mentioning sex, and all that.

One day, he asked me if I'm willing to model for him (although I just wanted to do photography) and he would BUY ME CLOTHES in return. I declined. He also complimented my jeans, and said that I look really good in them. It all just started being awkward. He would always touch my shoulder (or my knee) while we work in kinda friendly way, but there was something really creepy about that too, so it came to the point where I was sweating at work, because I couldn't stand being in his company any more. One day at work, I told him I was really thirsty and he offered me to drink water from HIS glass with words ''Feel free to drink''. I just said that I'm okay and continued with work. Next creepy thing I know, I'm coming home from work and there's a message from him saying ''I already miss you. I really enjoy your company. I love having someone that young and beautiful working with me.'' At this moment I'm really creeped out. The final stroke was when he offered to buy me my own camera (I didn't have one at the time, nor I had the money to afford it, so I worked with his side camera) if I pose for him in explicit ways. I was still trying to be polite even though I wanted to punch him in the face so I said ''I'm sorry, I just don't think that's appropriate. Besides, you're married. That's not okay.'' and he replied ''Oh, yes, I'm married, but I'm living as a single boy. You know, I'm a teenager just like you, in my heart. And you're a really hot young women, I think that we could make wonderful pictures if you just tried. And of course, you'll get your camera, as promised.'' This was literally blackmail. I wanted to confess to my parents what's happening, but I was afraid that they'll blame me. That's a mistake folks. Never blame yourself for sexual assault. I eventually broke down, started crying and told everything to my boyfriend. He was pissed af, and he helped me, so I've told everything to my parents. My parents were mad too. The police was involved. It was a real chaos, but thanks to my wonderful boy, everything is done now.

I'm so glad I've managed to stop something worse than text messages from happening. Don't be afraid to talk. It's never your fault.

Also, I just want to mention that his store is closed now. Besides, this whole situation inspired me to never stop chasing my dreams so few months later I bought my own Nikon camera. Now I'm a classified, famous local photographer and I'm still 18 years old. So, I'm writing this story to let you all know that it's never your fault. And you have to speak. And you can't let anything stop you from chasing your dreams. I had some luck - nothing that could happen, didn't happen. I wasn't raped. I wasn't psychically assaulted. But I would be if I didn't spoke about it. Take care, you all. And be careful who you trust. :)