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I worry about his exes

My boyfriend (18) has had 3 gfs before me without a long pause between each relationship. He is really sensitive so I know for sure he loved them all a whole lot. Each relationship was around 6 months (that’s short I know but we’re young). I just worry a lot about being the number 4. I worry that his mom is like “Well let’s hope it’s not another mistake” . I know this all comes from my own insecurity, but it just makes me feel bad because they treated him so bad and he’s given them the best part of himself. Sometimes I think being in these constant relationships must exhause him and that being his number 4 “serious” girl just reminds him of all the things he experienced before. I love him, dearly. He is my first boyfriend. But it is difficult for me to imagine he said the same nice things to all of us. I also feel shitty for feeling this way, it’s wrong, I know.

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Re: I worry about his exes

Although I haven't had my first boyfriend yet, I totally understand that you have insecurities. He is your first and his 4th. But give it some time and you'll probably know when you're just like the rest and that's the chance you get to leave. It's a red flag, but honestly, If he makes you feel happy and his presence comforts you, then he's probably gonna stick to you for quite a while. But whatever happens, remember that you are a queen and keep your head up before your crown falls off. Also, if he breaks your heart. I'll personally beat him TF up. Mentally at least.