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hi so recent it was my friend's birthday. so i brought him a drink i know he likes. And tomorrow we're going back to school, and i'm planning on giving him the drink at school tomorrow along with this little birthday card that i made for him, which i think is pretty cute. but the problem is he is one my recent ex close friend. And let me explain we are all in the same friendship group, and at first i had a crush on this friends and it got out, and at that time he might've liked me too, i don't really know, since i'm very dense when it come to people liking me. But then it was half term and i started talking to his friend to actually in fact know more about him, but then accidently fell for the person instead :D. and then after 2 weeks we started dating. Anyway he knows about the drink but i was wondering if when my friends and other people see me giving him the drink for his birthday (we're friends, but we're not close friends), would they suspect that i might like him again? since i do have a history of that, and would it make me look bad since he is my ex best friend.