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I would like some piece of advice

If you are a father and you have a child who sucks at making decision, do you also scold them, insult them and making them feel worst because of their bad decision.

Because my dad does that to me. My decisions are not bad though. It's just not good enough for him. I'm planning to run away but it hurts me knowing that I'm gonna leave my entire family behind especially my mom. But I also can't take the insults anymore.

> I have a job and my salary is good. I'm helping my family with the bills. Not good enough for my dad because my salary isn't too big like my siblings.

> I have a boyfriend a simple guy (not an office guy with eyeglasses No car. No big savings). My dad call me cheap (like I'm a whore) because I accepted that guy in my life.

> I go to church and spends time with churchmates. He calls me hypocrite because I'm not doing what he wants.

I've been planning to run away many years ago but I have nowhere to go to. But now I have my boyfriend and he's willing to take care of me and start a life with me. But I'm also scared because my dad threatened me that if I runaway, he would disown the family member that would help me.