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ICU nurse

Hi everyone,

I am an ICU nurse working in the suburbs of Chicago. I have been through wave 1 of covid and now entering into wave 2. Everyday I see people die from this virus and we are continuously short staffed. We are using zoom calls to allow family members spend the last moments with their loved one before they take their last breath. Our covid unit has patients that have been there for over a month and only fight to breathe until they cannot fight any longer. I wanted to just voice my frustrations with the general public and let everyone know that this virus is real and healthcare workers are STRUGGLING to keep up with the demands of critically ill patients. I also fear that the stress of working in an ICU has made me resort to drinking alcohol to numb my emotions of what I encounter at work. I’m not saying that this has caused me to become an alcoholic but I definitely am more stressed than usual. I used to love being a nurse but.. I HATE waking up in the morning and going to work and thinking if I am going to have to fight back tears as I tell the spouse of a patient that they are on the brink of dying.

please social distance and wear a mask.


A depressed, burnt out ICU nurse.