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i really need someone right now. i don’t even know what i am doing. i am tired. i am second choice, even if i am that, i am no body’s choice, no one messaged me only when they want things, i am constantly checking up on people but no one is doing the same for me, and it honestly sucks. i feel like i am suffocating because i can not tell anyone how i feel because i am scared. i am so scared. i don’t have anyone. i am tired of living the same day over and over. i don’t know what to do. my heart hurts everyday

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3 months ago

Re: idek

i feel the same way like you do.

scared of telling what you really feel .

and feel hurt that you wasnt on their choice in the first place ...

wondering what feels like to be loved by someone to be a first choice to be a priority ..

asking why you feeling this way ..

thinking are you not good enough ?

everyday im questioning myself why i’m never good enough. it sucks. i just want someone to love me for me. i am tired of faking it every day. i’ve told myself if i wasn’t good enough for my best friends and my cousin why would i ever be good enough for a boy?

i really hope you find the happiness you deserve! i really do. please if you’re reading this just tell me so i can reply because you can always talk to me