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I don't like life but I only live for my little brother and sister I try to keep them from being beat up but like I was most of my friends already betrayed me by talking crap behind my back that's fine all I need is my brother and sister and two online friends lately I've been verbally abused my mother want respect my options she let me go far from the house she gets angry whenever I stood up for myself saying what's true but not long after she says I'm the villain saying that I was the one hurting her but I only did it because she got on my nerve I get angry easy thanks to her lies manipulation and twisting the truth if she haven't kicked my 12 weeks old puppies out of the house in the middle of winter they would have survived but no they froze cuz of her after that I tried to replace them with another one but it still doesn't stop the pain I'm starting to hate her verbal abuse and I'm starting to stick up for myself fighting back she's scary though because she managed to pin my 21-year-old brother he doesn't have a house at this moment but soon he'll be gone my brother ended up biting my mom but it's still wouldn't get her off she ended up diging her nails into my brother's skin like when she used to do to me as a child just because I pissed her off but it's going to be her fault that I'm getting more violent I don't care just 2 days ago I broke the wall with my hand cuz of how angry that's not the only time I broke the wall though.. but I'm okay at this moment I feel better to get everything out because I was scared if I tell my online friends they'll leave me but I'm just fine I'm 15 soon I'll be able to move out of my parents house and move in at my sister's house.. if there are some spelling mistakes sorry..