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um so my little cousin thinks she’s selena gomez. i feel so bad saying that on this website bc everybody has like deep dark secrets like they tried to k!ll themselves or there are ppl telling others to k!ll themselves but yeah. she gets really annoying bc she always acts like she can sing and she really can’t because she’s 13 and like she should be old enough to know she’s not selena. one time, she stabbed me with a stick multiple times and said some random words and then said “you can’t tell anyone but i’m a wizard”. i’m guessing it’s bc wizards of waverly place but idk. i’m so tired of her obsession. it drives me crazy.

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hahaha it’s okay. my little cousin thought she was hannah montana for 5 years. i still can’t believe her parents bought her a wig and everything. it was so funny to see her jumping on top of the tables and singing songs. she was so sweet. too bad she denies even knowing the name hannah montana. good times huh

no cap i had a crush on zack 😌 and then i saw tslod and fell for cody. and then i watched wizards of waverly place and fell for max. long story short i fall for anyone 😹😹

Oh my gosh really? My little brother thought he was Zack from the suite life of Zack and Cody. Whenever the show airs I always point and say “that’s you”. I remember once we were at Target and he walked up to this girl and put his arm around her 😭 it was embarrassing explaining his identity crisis.