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I just want to know how it is to feel happy?

How it is to fall in love

How it is to have someone fight for you

How it is to have someone to tell you how beautiful you are even at your lowest.

I know I won’t find out, but that doesn’t mean you won’t . Some people build walls up so high because they are afraid and aware of the things that can happen if they don’t .

I always felt straight up afraid.

Maybe because of all those shit moments and people that always tell me how I don’t deserve anything,how I am just that human who is always in the background,how I will always be like this and complete nothing in life.

Well they were right.I don’t know what I want to do with my life,I don’t know if I want to live a life.

Don’t be like me,have friends at least one who will love you and care for you .

I will find my way and decide if this is all worth it but you.YOU can do so much you can do anything you put your mind into and don’t be always afraid to take a step further .

I hope this helps ,Its nice to get some things out into the world .

and I hope I find a reason to stay and And you get to have an amazing life because you are amazing!<3