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Idk anymore

Hi so I’m 14. I’ve been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I’m not to sure what to say but I wanted to express how I feel. Lately I haven’t been myself and it’s hard because I feel stuck because I need help mentally and I don’t know how to ask for it. I feel like I’m failing at life and there is no hope. I really try my best to do things but I never have the same energy to do the things I did before. I’m struggling and I tell my friends how I feel but they just don’t understand me and they say things will get better or not to feel sad which is no help. I feel all these things that no 14 year old should feel but I feel unwanted, guilty, depressed, sad, and lonely.

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Re: Idk anymore

I can relate to this im also 14 and feel as if the world is falling apart for me. I just dont know anymore as well, if you have discord heres mine, kat#4690 id love to talk to you and try to make you feel better if possible I really hope you see this just know people still care for you even if its just anonymous