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Idk at this point

  1. There’s this girl that won’t stop confusing me ,and I don’t think she’s doing it on purpose ,I kinda like her and I just want something to happen ,I’ve know her for over a year and some time ago she broke up with her boyfriend and at the time we barely spoke bc she was blowing me off ,and then she msged me out of the blue and said she missed me ,I got really happy and spoke to her constantly ,our convos were kinda going somewhere once she started to move on ,like not that we ever spoke about our feels or anything and I don’t think she likes me,as I said it’s really confusing ,and then after like two weeks of talking she started to seem uninterested in talking to me ,then I just didn’t say anything ,and then after like a month or two she msged me again saying she missed me and we should talk more ,I didn’t say that she was the one who stopped bc I didn’t want a fight or anything ,I just wanted to talk to her ,bc I already never have anyone to talk to and no friends ,then after like two weeks she stopped msging me again and then I got really sad ,and at this point I didn’t care about anything ,then she msged me AGAIN saying she missed me and she is sorry for not really speaking before and this was just over a week ago ,and then I got really happy,we were up till like 5 in the morning chatting about the craziest things ,and now she is seeming uninterested,I think I should either confront her or just give up but I don’t want drama