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ill start online school tomorrow... my life has been so.. idk tiring? anyways what happened was i got a new phone finally!! it was just all good for a week i was getting suspicious. anyways the day i was supposed to go fix the phone's battery, everything was just VDIUDBLO my sugar glider ran out of the cage for who knows how long. we found one inside a mf toilet bowl omg. ok fast forward we got to the train station and i may or may not have bad anxiety when going out and the fact that my shoe soles torned off the moment i got out of the car didnt make anything better. everything was just so scary it was so hard not to just breakdown right there and then. we got there and stuff and me being dumb and stupid lost my sister's money. idk man we didnt even changed the battery because there were too many people. this is so dumb im sorry. im just so mad. okay anyways now guess what. my phone got inside water and now it wont turn on and i have to go back into using my old bad phone. im so done. literally the moment i get myself happy everything will go bad and i just hate everything i wanna end it so bad. so sos ososos bad. life is so annoying and useless i hate it here so so bad like literally no one understands i fucking hate it........ hiiz d fbjigavh