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im tired. i had a friend group that was kinda just a school thing and we hung out after school and go to the mall together on the weekends or whatever. but when like i have problems such as like feeling kinda depressed or whatever, they were never there, and i kinda got used to that friend group being a "for show" kinda friend group so i decided to quit today, i told them that i didn't want that kinda vibe but now i feel irresponsible for not explaining myself thoroughly but the damage is done. anyways i have nobody by my side except two people i think i can kinda rely on but then i feel like they'd be bother with my problems. i feel so alone in this that i just wanna make it all stop.

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Re: idk

It's okay. I'm 21 and i dont have such thing like best friend or you can say close friend.

Why do we need people who can't be asked for a hand when we go down. As long as you can mange all the problem by yourself so you can stand by your own.

But, honestly, having person beside you for all up and down is amazing. So, if you think you need a person, as you said before, just try to express yourself, your apinion, your mind, anything to them.

Hopefully you are alright.