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Idk tbh

Well i don't know how to start this but my friend suddenly stopped texting me and I don't even know why. We used to have deep conversations and they were the only one i trusted the most. We talked for months and whenever they were sad or feeling down i was always there for them..

I feel like I've just been used all this time. I was the only one who'd ask them about their day and keep a check on them. Idk what happened suddenly they stopped texting me and whenever i would text i would get a short respond like "ok" or "yes,no"

This person made me hate myself because i thought I had done something wrong and am a terrible human. I still do love them and will be there for them of they need me because I'm not one of those who'd ghost completely and leave everything and move on. That's just not me.

Im hurt and idk why is this happening to me. Any advice on what to do? They're on my mind 24/7 and i can't fuckin concentrate on anything. It's been like this for months now...

I tried cutting off contact so that i can forget but as I said that's impossible for me. Deep down im hurting so bad and i feel like they don't even give a shit about me.

They're talking to others and seeing that hurts even more because it shows they hate me now and although i asked em if they hate me but they replied that they don't. why would someone do this ????

Idk why I'm writing this here and i think im missing a lot of things here because my mind isn't working right now and idk what to type.

If u think im missing something let me know

Thank you for reading and have a great day