Idk. To me it’s fucked up. Give advice or your thoughts?

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Not sure where to begin. I should write a fucking book. Anyway, I’ve been with my significant other for a long time. We got married last year. Some things have come to light since then and idk how to handle it. I love him to death, he’s my best friend, my rock and my savior. But I feel like things may have been different if I knew these things prior to getting married. Some things happened while we were dating but I forgave him. As of this past year, being married, I found out he jerked off to pics of my sister(s). Got curious and wanted to see pics of some ‘random chick’ who texted him, which was a set up so nothing ever happened but if it was real then obviously he most likely would’ve sexted. Found out he opened up a private bank account and bought $1000 dollars worth of male enhancement supplements and kept all of them in his trunk. I obviously don’t feel comfortable telling my loved ones or close friends which is why I’m writing on here. I just don’t know what to do. I’m willing to work it out, if possible, instead of resorting to worst case scenario like divorce but what should be my first step?

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