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Idk wats wrong with me

Idk if I’m gonna post this or not but any way

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but the last few months I’ve been felling down and upset like the littlest things aggravate me and I’ve been wanting to cut my wrists a lot recently but I can’t bring my self to do it because. Then I’ll disappoint my family more. It’s not that I’m living in an abusive environment. My thought make me believe that every one hates me. Which is true. And they make me believe that I’m a disappointment. Every one says that oh ur so pretty and all that bullshit but it’s lies. I just wanna look like those girls on Instagram flat stomach clear skin perfect white teeth. It feels like there a hole in my heart. I feel empty. But I wanna be happy. I fake being happy so no one notices my pain but it gets harder and harder every day. I wanna end it all but I can’t. I don’t do anything right. I’m a disappointment to every one. Their all pretending I know it. All I want is to be happy. Why can’t I be happy any more.