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Alright so over Christmas break my friends dared me to get Bumble (the dating app) and so I did just for fun. I started talking to a lot of guys just for pure entertainment like it was harmless we were just bored. Then one day I started talking to a guy, let's call him Tom, and Tom and I clicked right away. I instantly started to only want to talk to him and our conversations were never boring. I would honestly be waiting all day for him to text me and when I saw his name pop up in my notifications, my mood would boost 10000% it was crazy. We talked for a couple of weeks and I knew I was starting to like him. We finally decided to meet up and I was obviously so nervous but it ended up being amazing. We got along so well, had such good conversations, we are extremely similar with our life goals and dreams and faith. We make each other laugh and we had so much fun together. We continued to talk for a while and hung out 4 more times while I was home for Christmas break before I had to go back to college. Things were going so well I liked him so much. He liked me too and everything was perfect. I had met his parents and he had met mine and we talked all the time. Then I went back to school and my first week back, he started acting weird and barely responding to me, it sometimes took over 24 hours for him to respond. I hated it because I was constantly checking my phone to see if he responded to me and I thought about him all the time. I finally asked him what's going on and he basically said we shouldn't worry about talking to one another all the time, and if I meet someone else I should see where that goes, and we can maybe see what happens this summer. I was devastated but also so confused because we both liked each other and he even told me he liked me and everything he did would prove that he really liked me. We stopped talking pretty much altogether and in the last 3 months, we have texted like max 5 times. I still think about him a lot but I don't know what is going on and I just wish he would make things clear whether there is potential for this summer, or if he has moved on and there is no chance. The unknown is killing me and I miss him:(