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idk what I want

Ive always wanted to be an animator since I was a kid but my parents dont support that because they think that I won't get money and stuff they want me to become either a doctor or a lawyer because I can get a lot of money (es I live in the Philippines) and I will have a good future I'm now 16 turning 17 this December and I still dont know what I want I know that every teenager experiences this. but for me I really have no idea lol tbh Im ok, of being a doctor but at the same time I dont I also dont want to waste their money for me to go on an art school and never got a job as an animator all I wanna say is that I WANT TO GO TO SLEEP LOL

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Re: idk what I want

Hey! Since i was a kid i've always wanted to be an animator and i feel you too! But all I gotta say is that what do you really want in life? What do wanna be? Choose the things that makes you happy and don't let someone choose YOUR future. Not a very good advisor but please consider this <3 and also if you really want to be an animator or just an artist you can make arts and sell it online so don't listen to those that tells that art doesn't buy you anything, just keep on doing what you love :) you can literally sell paintings too lol kita mo yung mga paintings and abstracts nasa wall ng mga kamag anak mo or ibang relatives mo? binili lang din nila yan sa mga artists HAHAHAHAH godbless