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Idk what to give as the title

Hey! So I am in tenth grade and I have to write the board examination this year. My seniors told me that tenth boards aren't that big of a deal but my parents and teachers told me that my life depends on it. So initially before tenth I had planned everything out from when to study and take tests so that I can be prepared for the boards but because of the pandemic everything has fallen out of place. I started to binge watch kdrama and anime big time and haven't touched my books ever since. I really tried to study but I just can't make up my mind. I have tried every possible method that Google has given so that I can study even a little but nothing worked. I don't have any great goal or ambition to work towards either nor am I good at anything in particular. I feel like I will fail the exams and disappoint myself and my parents without even trying to do something because I really can't. Idk I feel so lost right now. The pandemic is definitely one reason for not being able to study but I am not very stable mentally so that could be another reason. I have tried talking to my friends but I don't like opening up to people in general so that hasn't helped. Idk what to do and I need help.

In short I am a 15 year old emotional and mental wreck who hasn't started studying for the exams that my life depends on and idk what to do now so please help me

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Re: Idk what to give as the title

Heyyy hi

I can relate with you a lot, im 18 rn, in 12 grade, and i used to binge watch yt videos and some porn before MY 12 BOARDSSS!!!

Well i studied for merely a week before the exams, and i got 90 percent. ( Im a girl btw lol )

But studying last minute is really stressful, and i havent concentrated on my entrance exams either becos of the pandemic blues.

I know its really hard to focus and study at this moment, and coming to your parents and teachers.

They are just scared that you may take it lightly and as you know, there is no second chance. Thats why they say its very important, turning point whatever.

But what your seniors say is true.

So just chill, and aim for 95 percent. And trust me no one asks 10th marks. Even for a job. As long as you've passed the exam its good. But that doesnt mean im telling you to get passing marks.

You need some amount of knowledge before entering 11th.

Your parents won't screw you if you get above 80 percent. Becos they'll know that this untimely lag has affected you, and im sure they'll get it.

As for studying, dont waste too much time on the textbook, and i think you are from india (ig) so start using guidebooks.

Ask your parents to take you too a nice bookshop and buy guidebooks for all subjects. Dont feel guilty that you're spending too much money on it.

As long as the results are fruitful, doesn't matter how much you spend.

Work out maths from rd sharma and rs agarwal. And phy, chem, social (boringggggg) bio from your respective tb/guidebook.

Keep in touch with your friends and call them. And if you ever feel demotivated, think about the people who demeaned you and think of this success as a revenge.

I was like you. No goal or ambition. But i often focused on the present. So do what i did.

For you, now, 10th boards are imp. Don't think abt other goals and stuff. Think abt how hard your parents may have worked to afford things you're using now. Thinking of stuff like this really motivates.

Dont study for too long and all. If you're not able to concentrate, get up and watch tv or anything you like.

Importantly, re assure yourself by repeating '' Chill bruh, you can do thiss..its so easy na why do you bother''

It makes it easier for you're brain to assume that its easy..

So ive given some tips..what i could remember.

If you have any doubts or study material required, just blog in here and keep the same title as you have rn.

So all the best youuuuu :)