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Idk why

I want someone to be my bestie, but I already have a bestie, and the person..let's call them "1"..has a bestie too.

I care about 1 like...a lot. But I'm not exactly in 1's friend group. 1's friends don't know me.

1 acknowledges that I care a lot about them, and just..doesn't know how to react..right?

Sometimes I feel like I need to give 1 a lot of space in order to be their friend.

Knowing that 1 exists makes me happy.

I guess I'm basically a simp -w-

I'd do anything to make sure that 1 is happy. ;-;

I just want to be 1's friend, and know that 1 cares about me.

Although I'm already 1's friend, I just feel like I'm not, and 1's probably never going to care about me.

Idk, I have a great life, everything is amazing, but it's just this one fact that bothers me.

Sorry. I know, I know..I have no reason to be venting here, I'm not suffering enough to be able to just...vent..and pretend that everything revolves around me.

Sorry for wasting your time.