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Hey, literally just found this lol.

Im definitely not alone when I say 2020 is up there for worst years of my relatively short life, but the last thing I want to sound like is some entitled brat who just wants everything the way he wants it. But anyways, end of last year I had my first (real) sortve girlfriend, and tbh, I loved every bit of dating her. Out of all the girls at my school she definitely felt like the one I related to the most. But obviously all good things come to an end. I was obviously pretty down, but we stayed pretty good friends, and got really close again when Covid hit. Ngl I think I still liked her then, maybe that’s why I tried being a good friend, but she’d always say I’m too kind and come on, simps gonna simp lol. During this time she dated a friend of mine, he’s nice, but he thinks he’s real edgy and all that, and they broke up once she found out he wasn’t the best and emotions and compassion. So eventually we ended up dating again, and it was better than I remembered, god I loved that girl, but ofc, right when a guys gets his hopes up he falls off a cliff. She dumped me (again), this time not really giving much of reason (last time she said she’d been having problems with other friends + the grief from losing two family friends in a crash). Now here I am, two or so months on, still unsure if I like her or not, and she’s back liking a guy she’s liked on and off since primary school days, guess it’s here match made in heaven. But man, just how some people can get so much love and popularity just by being allowed to be themselves, or sometimes total idiots. Anyways sorry for making a small problem so long, just needed some way of sharing ig.