if a door closes a new one opens.

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I was a complete different person 2 years ago. I thought I was changing for the better, my life was perfect, I never really cared about my public image, and well I had him. I was always known for liking every boy that came into my sight, but him.. he was different, he was respectful but quite, and wasn't not attractive. And as the year went on I fell for him completely. I could tell he did too. Then I found out I was moving, I stayed in class that day till 1:30 on Friday may 3rd 2019 and that was it. I hadn't talked him till almost a year later. But even after everything I've shared he is not the one on my my mind. I never told you what I had been up to in that one year that went by. When I switched schools I met new people of course but I didn't talk or hang out with them at first. slowly I started meeting new people and I became popular it felt good for some reason, all those people knew my name.. but I never forgot about "him". He was always on my mind, I started to think "Maybe that was it, maybe he's gone forever" so I finally stopped rejecting boys and I started talking to them and my name started coming out of peoples mouths' I didn't even know. But I also kept hearing that this one boy liked me and so I pretended to like him back. I know shame on me and I completely agree but I wasn't in the right state of mind then. We texted all the time, I could tell he really liked me and I will admit he found my soft spot and I started to kinda like him too. But I.. well I broke up with him, because of my "public picture" and my "friends", to make it worse I broke up with him the day before valentines day. but for some reason I felt an ache in my heart unlike my past relation ships.. I spent so much time thinking about him, he was always on my mind 24/7. Well fast forward 9 months I started talking to my some of my old close friends.. AND guy 1 and yes I do still talk to guy 2, and.. yes. He is the one on my mind.

I love him. always have. In the end I guess I never really knew guy 1..

well, everyone that's my story. I've became a person that I never want to change.. for the best.