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If I slit my wrist no one would notice, unless I handed out flyers.

I feel like I've failed not just as a social being but also a creation of god. I hate my face so much sometimes, I inherited the worst facial qualities of both my parents. They're both so perfect and so is my sister. Why did I come out looking like this.

My blood boils when people who are already in a healthy relationship and are part of a caring social circle go on about how lonely they are and that no one loves them while getting tens upon tens of loving comments and support. Yet when I even dare to reach out in my lowest moments, people walk through me like I'm invisible. No one even stops. I don't want to kill myself. But I can't keep living like this.

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Re: If I slit my wrist no one would notice, unless I handed out flyers.

Hey. Don’t do it. I have history with cutting, and it sucks. It consumed my life until my parents found out and got me the help I needed.

I know you’re going through a lot right now. But TELLING someone will help. It can be a friend, sibling, or parent, I don’t care. But they’ll be able to give you support and resources.

I’m sure you know this already, but those marks aren’t glamorous. Mental health isn’t a joke or a trend. It’s an issue. I’m not saying you are screwed up or incapable of living, I’m just saying you struggle. And that’s okay. Recognize that struggle and work to fix it.

If you don’t already believe in God or have a relationship with him, I encourage you to do s. Praying and listening to Christian hymns helped me calm down and not cut myself. I don’t care what religion you are, or even if you affiliate with one! Recognizing that there is a higher power and purpose in this world may help you feel less alone. It’ll give you motivation to get better and morals to follow. Trust me, it’s life changing.

Remember this: you CAN’T do it alone. That may sound sinister, but it’s true. The reason I was reluctant to go to therapy was that I didn’t want others in the picture. I thought I could do it alone. But we need each other.

Talk to 3 people: family/friends, a counselor, and God. You can do this! I’m praying for you.

I know that feeling

I had totally convinced myself that I was ugly and useless, I'm not an a study, I don't have any talent, I'm just me. I was drowning in my insecurities and I felt like I wasn't worthy of life..

The worst thing (also the best but not in this situation) is I had the prettiest friends in class, around my neighborhood and everywhere I go I make very pretty friends.

The would talk about thier boyfriends and how they get annoyed by all the boys hitting on them. They would literally discuss all the boys who liked them and the me who is invisible to boys would just pretend I didn't care, but it was eating me insidet. This brewed into self hate

I have little sister

Smarter and very beautiful, I was always compared to her since she was born. This hurt me.

When I turned 18 I felt pathetic because I had never even kissed a guy no dated anyone.

My mom always told me that I was beautiful and I knew I couldn't change how I looked but that didn't stop me from praying and asking God to make me look beautiful.

The bible says that we are wonderfully and fearfully made, I know it's hard to believe considering our dameged self image. But if the Bible says so then it is soo. Let's learn to accept our appearance they way it is, we are beautiful and we should tell that to our selves more often. Never undermine the power of words.

It's okay to feel insecure sometimes but not all the times. Try praying, it helps. Jesus loves you.

You said you feel ugly, right? Bad facial features, right?

I don’t know what you look like, but I guarantee it I saw a picture of you, I could find 5 things that were beautiful. Probably even 10 or 20.

Studies show that our perception of ourselves is distorted. In other words, we think we’re uglier than we are. Others see more of our GOOD features and tend to have a better opinion of us.You probably look really good to most people, and at least one person thinks you’re smokin hot!

Try this, look in the mirror and smile. Run your fingers through your hair. Then say “I am beautiful” or “I am handsome.” Do this every morning and every night.

Obviously, this won’t fix all of your insecurities. This is just one way to make yourself feel better. Please get help with the cutting, like the other replier mentioned. You’re in my prayers! 🙏