If that is what it takes to have a happy life...

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Rebecca black is happy now. and bisexual and sucking up the clout all over youtube and why? Because she had connections (I mean friends). People think I'm privileged but this girl literally made an ass of herself in front of the entire world making the worst music video in history all because her parents could pay for it. She couldn't sing, she sounded like a sick bird and looked like it but that doesnt matter. When you have money, talent is optional. Even when the whole world hates you and you are booed out of parties for years that trust fund will guarantee that you will eventually get everything you ever wanted. This girl face planted more than all of my cringe combined and she got to start over and now shes "bisexual" when a girl says that, that means she cant date men. She prefers men, but she just cant get them so she knows the other sex is more thirsty and can go to them. Its sad that you will never come across someone more privileged than her and that is the best she can do. Its just...what are the rest of us doing here then? Those of us who are one bad day away from being homeless? What hope is there?

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