If there is such a thing as karma

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Then Tom Francis you deserve to get yours.

You used me. You pretended to be someone nice. Pretended to be genuine. All the time you were lying. Trying to get back desperately with your ex behind my back. Taking me for a fool and treating me like one.

The fact that you told them you would kill yourself if you couldn’t be back with them whilst lying to me (and telling me you were not in love with that person and wanted nothing more to do with them) says everything about you as a person. Self centred, selfish, conniving and very sad.

I saw lately you you were back together. What a surprise. Not. Then you obviously split up again almost immediately and now are back together again for Christmas. All lovey dovey. What is that, fourth time lucky?

It won’t last. That person doesn’t love you. You know that. They know it too. They don’t respect you either but I think you probably thrive on disrespect and being treated badly. I used to feel sorry for you. Now I see you probably deserve it.

well, go ahead. Enjoy your relationship v3.1 but I know one thing. You will never be truly happy.

I expell you from my life and memory. You are dust Tom.