If you are lonely

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I don't know how many will read this but I am writing this in hope that atleast one will be benefitted.

I know how hard schools can be, how messy teen friendships can be. I know coz I am a teen too. I know sometimes you feel like you have no one to care for you. I know that feeling.

I am an introvert. I had three best friends and few other friends. When I was 14, I had a major argument with one of my friends. I won't say that I was right but she wasn't right too. What hurt me more was the way she reacted. She started talking about me to others behind the back. I was hurt by the looks her other friends gave me. We didn't talk for weeks. When we started sorting out the issues, the school year got over. All my best friends seperated. We didn't share classes the next year. We promised we would talk daily. I used to wait to talk with them. I missed them terribly. They were important to me. It was hard for me to adjust. However they made new friends quickly unlike me. They stopped meeting me. The only time we would talk was when we ran into each other at the corridor.

I texted one of them saying that I missed her. Next day another girl with whom I share classes with came to me and said, "I heard you miss your old friends. XXX ( the one I texted) told me. We are good people too. Why don't you talk with us?" We simply weren't compatible. We had different interests. I couldn't talk to everyone that easily. Soon I saw my best friends enjoy time with their new friends. That was when I realised that I wasn't important to them the way they were to me.

I was dealing with the stress of school work, my parents and me had some arguments over what field I should choose after school and I felt lonely. Really lonely. I couldn't talk with my parents. They just told me to stop crying like a coward. I was hurt and broken. I cried myself to sleep every night.

Soon, I realised that I should get a hold of myself. I started talking with some new people in my class. They were sweet to me. I started reading a lot. Not some life help book. Just the good old fantasy romance books because everyone needs some distractions. I listened to some amazing music. I spent time with family. I talked with my cousin and she was going through something similar to that.

I shifted schools after that year. I had to start brand new with brand new people. I didn't let loneliness control me. I got some extremely nice friends. We are a crazy group now. My cousins are always there for me. I sorted out the issues with my parents. And I am still in love with fantasy romance( and the fictional heroes too lol)

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are always people like you around. If you don't find them, just wait. Be positive and stay happy. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU. YOU ARE PRECIOUS. YOU ARE RARE.

Stay safe. Love ya.