If you feel like they don't love u but u love them with all your heart. And you're trying to fix ur self at the same time. {Pls read}

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Ion want love, ion love no one but myself. How can I love other people when I literally feel dust on a shelf. Don't give me love, don't me love when it's fake. Get my hopes up like its some type of game. Double kill, double kill and ur heart will break. Don't get me wrong, but I just want to see you happy on ur special day. So take it all, take it all and run away. Ion wanna put this bad energy on ur destiny that awaits. You'll gets urs, when it knocks on ur door and you'll open it by force. Take it or leave it, it'll be there either way. Don't worry bout me cause I'll end up leaving u someday. It's for the best, Its for the best just so I can see u smile once again. Ion want love, ion love no one but myself. You'll call it selfish, but once u see I'm not just fun and games. Played me like ur ps4, until u lost and I stayed the same. Ya it hurts, hurts to see my most precious jewel go away. But I'll be okay, just promise me that you'll smile or it'll all go to waste.❤