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GOOD morning,

I have posted some needs here before, I was very respectful about it. I have noticed tht many ladies who have certain needs also have origin or trauma or just need to talk, so i am also offering to talk to for anything. If you are in stuck place or troubled or need advice or comfort just contact me. My reason to put own desire aside and be here for help and listening is that I have seen so many pain through pleasure of many female who come to me and it humble me to this point - I am here for you. I am so sorry for this world and for your pain, it touch my heart and maybe i can help from mans persepctive or comfrt or just listen. I come here for one thing, I end up for something else + I am here for you. Sorry for your pain you are not alone and you are welcome to try, it is worth try right? Especialy if you are tired now, come rest × come talk.