Ig a diary of today?

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So last time i wrote on here...life was getting better and i was over him but we ended getting back together then broke up then after that i was fine..but anyways today he hmu saying i was ugly, a bitch, a hoe and was being mean so i laughed and he got mad and blocked me😐 but i don't care...he has a new "girlfriend" which i think is fake but moral of the story is im actually done this time and he can go to hell or jump off a cliff...now its fuck him..but anywaysssss i moved in with my cousin and now im getting kicked out😀 (which i don't care bc for one im numb to pain now..speaking of which i wanna cut my wrist butttt im scared i might cut an important vain and die) and my mom lives in a hotel but i don't care...ill rather live with her anyways and this week everyone has left my life😭 and its fuck them to them too..they can all die and eat mud pies..but i don't mean it😭 i just want friends...and i have noneee😭 life is just fucking me sideways like shit. Just leave me tf ALONEEEE and i recently identified as BI and idc if god is mad at me and that's why he's doing all of this...but ik that life is just a fucking waste..as soon as i turn 18 im running away to mexico or California and start a brand new life..fuck this one...i need a fucking reboot card!!! WHERE THE FUCK DO YOU FIND A REBOOT CARD!!!! FOR EXAMPLE I COULD BE NICKI MINAJ RIGHT FUCKING NOWWW OR BEYONCE BUT NOOOO IM A FUCKING UNHEARD, DESPERATE, BUT BEAUTIFUL, LONELY, DEPRESSED, AND STRESSED BITCH!!!! LIKE WTF BROO!! IF IK LIFE WAS GONNA BE LIKE THIS THEN I WOULD'VE LET THE OTHER SPERMS HAVE THE EGG BC IM A FUCKING WASTE OF BIRTH...OH AND DID I MENTION IM THE DISAPPOINTMENT CHILDDD!!!!! WTFFFFFF IS LIFEEE DOINGGGGG I FUCKING HATE IT HERE ON EARTH...AND sometimes i just wsnna delete everything in my phone and everyone and start over😡😭 wtf has life come too..i used to be so happy now im just a dead fucking person in a fucking ALIVEEEE bodyyy....ugh fuck life🖕🖕🖕 it can suck my dic- okayyy enough of thattt....im calm now but im gonna go cry now so umm....seee ya